Fraxinus Americana (2 Pack) - Premium Wood Hockey Stick Model

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We teamed up with our longtime partner in Canada to produce a small batch of premium wood hockey sticks. Striving to celebrate hockey sticks of decades past, we kept the design subtle in order to let the wood show. Similar to sticks of the mid-century, only two small black and white bands decorate the stick with a small painted Third Assist logo near the blade. 

What is Fraxinus Americana? Ash. White ash has been the wood of choice for hockey sticks since they were first being made. The wood of white ash is strong, stiff, and shock resistant, making it the ideal wood for hockey sticks, but also baseball bats and tool handles. These sticks are primarily white ash, with an added light birch veneer for strength and appearance.


  • Ash core, birch veneer
  • P88 curve, left and right available
  • Senior sizing at 64" in total height (59" heel to top)
  • Each two-pack comes delivered wrapped in a free Third Assist hockey stick bag for protection and travel
  • We can also engrave these sticks for unique gifts for players, coaches, teams, and more. Check out this page to learn more! 

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