Frequently Asked Questions

There's a couple of ways to go about this. Of course, playing with them on is the best option but, if you'd like to speed up the process, here are some additional options: 1) If you have a clothing steamer lying around, you can insert it in the glove, for a few seconds at a time, until you feel the glove has loosened. From there, work your hand around in the glove to extend the range of motion. 2) A simpler solution is to leave them in the bathroom during a shower, or near a humidifier, and proceed to work in the gloves afterwards.

1) The more labor-intensive way is to hand-wash the inside of the gloves, lightly but not soaking, with warm water and a light soap mixture. Then, let them dry out naturally or with help from a fan. 2) If they start smelling, the easier route is to sprinkle some baking soda in the gloves and leave it overnight to absorb the moisture/smell from the lining. Then, dump out the baking soda in the morning. 3) Lastly, prevention is key in avoiding smelly gloves. Be sure to keep gloves out of smelly bags and let them air out — these simple steps go a long way!

Normally, a stick takes 2-3 days for prep, 2-3 days for personalization/stenciling, and 2-3 days for protection. A week is the average time for a stick to be produced, but we may have some flexibility if we have supplies already “prepped" (in the case of a 4-5 day rush order).

We accept most requests that are within reason and provide 1” of height to work with. Typically, we add peoples’ names, team names, years, or small logos/symbols.

Given our engraving capabilities, we can engrave anywhere on the shaft of the stick. This gives us roughly 1" x 36" to use for a personalized engraving. On a standard order we engrave on the face (one side) of the stick as most are for display purposes.

Our Custom Pond Hockey Jerseys are hooded (which can actually make quite the difference in the wind) and lined with fleece. This feature alone makes them much thicker than your typical jersey. Even better, they're incredibly unique and are built specifically for the outdoors!

Our Pond Hockey Jerseys typically come in 7+ units and are custom designed for pond hockey teams. They are hooded, sublimated, and fleece-lined. Our State Sweaters are available directly on our website in a variety of designs. They are also hooded, but with a thick and embroidered construction.

While embroidered and employing a thicker material, our State Sweaters aren't too much different from a traditional hoodie. Our recommendation is to commence the first wash on a cold water + low/no heat cycle. From there you can wash as you normally would another piece of apparel.

We now can provide a host of shipping options. For US deliveries you can choose UPS (expedited, paid) or USPS Priority Mail (Free). This can range from 2-3 days to 7 days. For international deliveries we have chosen USPS + the home country's standard post. This normally takes 10-14 days. For example Canada is USPS and Canada Post. We do this to help our customers avoid additional fees UPS, FedEx, and DHL charge on international shipments (brokerage fees). However, please contact us if you prefer another international option and we can find it for you.

Free shipping applies to all gear orders. The only thing it doesn't apply to are the tees and sweatershirts since these are fulfilled by a partner company. We do discount the shipping 50% however.

You don't need to contact us to process a return or exchange (but you can). To process a return or exchange please return the package to: Third Assist, LLC 1180 Cobblestone Drive Rickman, Tennessee, USA. Please include some reference to your order: Shipper name, order #, etc. and what you'd like to do "exchange", "return", etc. and we will process it asap. Please note: we do not provide exchanges or returns on our tees and sweatershirts (unless there are notable defects) as these are printed individually by a partner company.