Frontier Genuine Leather Hockey Gloves

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Genuine leather hockey gloves built for the rinks. We've been perfecting this project for months now, and we're excited to release these with the TA community. 

In a world of disappearing synthetic leather gloves, we've been able to craft a genuine leather model using a material similar to what you can find on our Roosevelt model we released last year. What makes it special? Here are the specifications of our first batch:

Adult sizes: 12-15" with traditional glove interior, synthetic palm, and four-roll construction

The Leather:

  • 100% goat leather chosen for its durability, flexibility, and water-resistant properties.
  • Similar leather can be found in work gloves, boots, and jackets which makes for one of our most nimble leather hockey gloves 
  • The leather is finished in a process of tanning, waxing, and oiling to give the vintage aesthetic seen in photos

The logo: For the final touch we took advantage of the leather's pliability and debossed (pressed) the Third Assist logo on the cuff for a subtle finish in order to let the leather show.

The feel: A black nash is used for the palm and gussets to keep a traditional feel.

Note on sizing: These are modeled after early 00s four-roll designs so they are slightly larger than more modern tapered fits. If you're on the fence re: sizing, we suggest sizing down. 

This is our favorite glove to date and we can't wait to hit the rinks with them.