Bunyan Extra-Tall Ash Premium Wood Hockey Stick (2 Pack)

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We teamed up with our longtime partner in Canada to produce a small batch of extra-tall premium wood hockey sticks. Striving to celebrate hockey sticks of decades past, we kept the design subtle in order to let the wood show with only a small painted Third Assist logo near the blade. This stick is a full 10" taller than our standard senior Fraxinus Americana model.  We are also offering straight blades for the first time ever.

Why the Bunyan? Most of our names honor hockey's history in some manner, but we had some fun naming this model after the iconic giant lumberjack. We have to imagine Paul Bunyan would be employing an extra tall piece of ash lumber if he were to lace them up today.


  • All-ash hockey stick
  • P88 curve, left and right available. Or Straight option avaiable too.
  • Senior sizing at 72" in total height (66" heel to top)
  • Note: Unmodified this is a high flex stick. We believe we are the only ones still offering all-ash sticks (w/o separate veeners or cores). Given this, the flex is truly determined by Mother Nature but on average records around 55 at full height. Each inch removed gains ~4 flex so if these were cut to senior standard height they'd be in the 80s.

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