Spotlight Reflhex Outdoor Hockey Gloves

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Our Spotlight Refhlex Gloves are an indoor/outdoor model lined with a unique material known as Refhlex. This material makes this option perfect for freezing temps, warmer arenas, or anything in between.

The soft lining of these gloves reflect the user's heat back into the glove (similar to how an emergency blanket works), while wicking away excess moisture. In addition our 2021 lining is anti-bacterial feature which aims to reduce the classic "hockey glove smell." Other features include:

  • Flexible and breathable neoprene gaiter to keep a regulated enclosure
  • Slightly expanded cuff to allow full mobility — whether playing indoors or outdoors wearing jacket layers
  • Black reinforced soft-feel nash palm left unaltered to give the user full control and feel as they play
  • Spotlight model is all black with white accents for a more traditional four roll look

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