Easy Way to Size Hockey Gloves by Age or Weight

Easy Way to Size Hockey Gloves by Age or Weight

It's about time we make a quick reference post to answer one of our most frequently received questions: How do you size someone for hockey gloves? 

This is especially important if you are buying gloves as gifts. Of course the "correct" answer completely depends on the individual and their preferences, but we created a quick reference guide to give a good idea.

Hockey Glove Sizing by Age and Weight 

We added two more features you wouldn't see on a normal hockey glove sizing chart:

1) Common Size: What does an 8" glove actually mean? It means it's an extra small youth glove. It's the smallest glove we (and most others) have in production. Alternatively a 13" equates to an adult medium. 13-14" are the most common adult sizes we sell.

2) Glove Models: The last column we broke down by what we offer in that size. We offer Pioneers in all sizes 8-15", but all the other gloves we offer run in sizes 12-15". This is true for the 22-23 season, but we plan to expand more offerings in the future. 

2022-2013 Classique Gloves (Modern Construction)

Final thoughts on fit- We offer two distinct constructions of gloves. One is modern construction (Classique, Reflhex) and the other is old school construction (Pioneers, Legends). Here's are thoughts on sizing those two unique construction types:

1) Modern Construction (Classique, Reflhex): These fit most true to any hockey glove in use today. These fit most true to the chart above. It is a safe bet a 13" Bauer will fit a 13" Classique.

2) Old School Construction (Pioneers, Legends): By nature these are larger, bulkier gloves due to the vintage construction. They fit pretty true to the chart above, but if you are on the line between two sizes then we suggest sizing down. The slightly larger construction will be new to most using modern gloves. If you are a true 13" then you should be fine with 13" Pioneers, but if you are between 12 and 13" then we suggest going for the 12"

Feel free to reach out with any additional sizing questions!

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  • Hi Aaron – the fit runs pretty true to size, however the Legends series are typically a little larger/bulkier considering the extended cuff, one-piece fingers, etc. So visually they look a little larger than a modern tapered pair, but the fit should run true.

    Third Assist on
  • So I’m thinking about getting the vintage ransom gloves are they true to size or do they run larger cause in modern gloves I wear either a 13 or 14 depending on the brand.

    Aaron on
  • Hi Aaron- We’ll follow up with you over email, but for others interested:

    We’d probably choose the Classiques on this front. They’ll be snug given the insulation, but they’ll work in similar to a modern glove. The leather options (Pioneers, Legends, Roosevelts) will work in too eventually, but are definitely more stiff at the beginning.

    Third Assist on
  • How do the gloves fit in the fingers and back hand. Cause I’m looking for a snug fit and then over time they relax could you point me in the direction of which glove would be best

    Aaron white on

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