Tournament Spotlight: Otter Street Pond Hockey Nationals

Tournament Spotlight: Otter Street Pond Hockey Nationals

Name of the Tournament: Otter Street Pond Hockey Nationals

Location of the Tournament: Oshkosh, WI

What time of the year? 1st Saturday of February - annually

What ages are welcomed to play? 18+ 

What's the size of the tournament? 2 divisions; Open & Over 30

How long has it been running? 2023 will be their fourth year

Any special entertainment? Live bands; in conjunction with ice fishing tournament

What are accommodations like nearby (hotels, Airbnb, etc.)? Resorts and Airbnbs are both nearby

What makes this one unique? What sets it apart?

It's the only major pond hockey event in our area on the largest lake in the state of Wisconsin. It's a part of a larger organization's winter fisheree event so we have a live band, food & drink on site. There weren't any other offerings for pond hockey players anywhere nearby so that's why this one got started. 

Third Assist's Take: It's tough not to pull for the local tournaments built solely because there were enough players in the community who wanted the same thing: a pond hockey weekend in their town on their local ice. The Otter Street Pond Hockey Nationals were built because while other tournaments existed in the state, there was nothing close nearby so the players came together to make an event happen. That was four years ago and with each year this tournament has brought together a fantastic combo of pond hockey + ice fishing for an entertaining weekend when the weather typically has less rugged types sheltering inside. Needless to say we're pulling for this one.

Find out more on the weekend with the Otter Street Fishing Club and on the tournament's Facebook page!

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