The King's Ransom Gloves

Image of Third Assist's King's Ransom Gloves.

Last month marked 34 years since the trade that sent shockwaves through the NHL, Canada and hockey fans across North America. After hoisting the Stanley Cup for the fourth time, the Edmonton Oilers announced the blockbuster trade that would see Canada’s favorite son and the league’s leading scorer shipped off to Hollywood.

The multi-player and multimillion dollar deal would see Wayne Gretzky, Marty McSorely and Mike Krushelnyski sent south in exchange for Jimmy Carson and Martin Gelinas. In addition to this trade was $15 million in cash and first round draft picks in 1989, 1991 and 1993.

It was a deal for the ages and, arguably, still is. As part of ESPN’s 30-year celebration, the sportscaster developed a series of documentaries that would explore the largest headlines and players in sports. In what would become known as 30 for 30, the docu-series kicked off with a documentary covering the inside and outs of the historic trade. Directed by former actor and director Peter Berg, the film took a deep look into the makings of the deal. This included the apparent shock of Gretzky and the insinuated bad dealings of GM Peter Pocklington. This film was aptly named Kings Ransom.

The documentary follows the early life of the “Great One,” depicting imagery of his childhood home and outdoor rink where both his skill and work ethic were honed. Perhaps one of the most powerful moments came in the brief interview with the late Walter Gretzky. Wayne’s father claimed to have known that, since his son raised the fourth Stanley Cup, he was about to be sold to the highest bidder.

While most believe that Wayne was genuinely shocked by the news of the trade, it was undoubtedly a day that will forever live in infamy across the world of sports. While Wayne never went on to earn another Cup, he had a fantastic and legendary career in the NHL. 

As such, we went and designed a specialized glove to celebrate that moment in history and the historic move of a hockey icon from small-town Canada to Tinseltown. These vintage-style gloves fit the name of the "Kings Ransom" perfectly and are made for indoor hockey use. Featuring an extended cuff, white lace tie-up and leather construction, they are a must have for any hockey history buff.

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