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Image of Third Assist's King's Ransom Gloves.

The King's Ransom Gloves

Last month marked 34 years since the trade that sent shockwaves through the NHL, Canada and hockey fans across North... more

Image of red peppers.

Six Unique Ways to Keep Your Hands Warm Skating Outside, Playing Pond Hockey

From the quirky to the innovative, we've been hearing tons of ways to keep your fingers warm in freezing temperatures... more

Collage of Third Assist's 2018 products.

2017-2018 Year in Review

A review of how we did this year and where we are going next. more

Image of Third Assist's Original Pond Hockey Gloves.

Third Assist: Origins, Failure, and Lessons Learned

Our signature Refhlex Gloves are popular for meeting three criteria: they look good, work good, and feel good. Howeve... more