Which Outdoor Hockey Gloves Are Right For You?

Which Outdoor Hockey Gloves Are Right For You?

We’ve been fortunate over the previous years to continue to grow and test out new materials and glove designs in the offseason. For the 2022-2023 winter season we have four unique glove constructions to offer for the outdoors, and one extra design we’ll include as a more traditional option. Below we’ll share our thoughts on each design, and which pair may be the right fit for you. You can find our thoughts summarized in the chart below or alternatively, we just released a Youtube video which sums up this blog post as well!

The Pioneer Gloves

Right off the bat, we’ll start with the original glove design we’ve been making since 2014. These gloves are constructed by hand, modeled off gloves from the past. Built with leather and constructed with a four-roll design, these gloves are lined with a traditional wool shearling blend. Like all our outdoor gloves, the entire glove is lined except the palm so the user maintains full feel. 

Given the older construction style, these gloves are a little bulkier and a little stiffer than your modern pairs, but with the benefit being they are built to take some abuse in the outdoors. They’ve been our top seller every year, but our new pairs below may throw some competition to the Pioneers this season. 

Best for: Recreational outdoor play in colder temps.

The Reflhex Gloves

Introduced in the 2021-2022 season, the Reflhex gloves are as modern as our outdoor gloves get. They’re built using modern materials, constructed using modern machines, and complemented with a modern lining. The smooth lining is called Reflhex because of its ability to reflect the users heat back into the glove, while simultaneously wicking moisture out of the enclosure. The name is a play on the visual hexagonal design of the lining. The hand is fully enclosed in the glove by a neoprene gaiter in order to keep the warmth in and the elements out. We offer these in a black finish keeping with the sleek and modern look. 

Best for: Competitive play and those who want the closest thing to a modern hockey glove that also provides the benefit of warmth outdoors.

The Roosevelt Gloves

New to the 2022-2023 season, we’re offering our first winter glove for the hockey enthusiast. We flipped the script when it came to our normal glove construction. Rather than designing a hockey glove for the outdoors, we designed a winter glove for hockey. Replicating leather patterns of gloves from the 1940s, we constructed an insulated genuine leather glove for pond hockey and beyond. This versatile glove is padded on the back of hands, thumbs, and fingers for a little extra protection, but is still nimble enough to be used shoveling the ice or standing around sipping hot chocolate.

Best for: Recreational play or an all-day glove at the outdoor rink.

The Classique Gloves

We may be most excited about this new entry for the 2022-2023 season. It’s an outdoor take on the Winter Classic gloves of the pros. Using modern glove construction, we added the best elements of both the Pioneer and Reflhex gloves to our new model. This modern glove is lined with a shearling blend, but also enclosed with a neoprene gaiter making for the warmest glove in our lineup. The aesthetics of this glove match Winter Classic teams of the past incorporating Harvest Wheat and Forest Green of the Minnesota Wild (2022) and Dallas Stars (2020). While we can’t call them the “Winter Classic gloves” for legal reasons, there’s no doubt where our inspiration comes from. We can’t wait to get these on the ponds.

Best for: Fully functional (recreational to competitive play) modern gloves in cold temperatures.

The Legend Gloves

We’re throwing in honorable mention for the Legend Gloves. These are not built for the outdoors, but these vintage designs of the 1980s are often found on ponds. These gloves are replicas of some of the most famous gloves of the decade: 1980 Team USA, Late 80s LA Kings, and a generic natural leather pair of the era. Constructed by hand with one-piece finger construction, an extended cuff, and lace tie-up, these gloves are a nod to a past and the history of our game. 

Best for: Recreational play and those with a passion for sharing hockey history.

We hope this dive into our glove models helped you find the right pair for your next hockey adventure outdoors. If you have further questions we’re always here to help so feel free to contact us on our website. Thanks for your interest and your efforts to continue growing the outdoor game: Hockey at its roots.

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