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With temperatures dipping into the 30s (or lower) in much of the Northern United States and Canada, we’re chomping at the bit to tighten the skates, grab a stick, some buddies and hit the outdoor rink. 

This time of year is always special to us as regular leagues and pick-up hockey nights commence. In addition to cheering on our favorite NHL team, it's a great time of year to wind down from the summer and cool off playing the game we love. It’s also a great time of year for new hockey gear.  

As we approach consistent freezing temperatures, it won’t be long before the local rinks are being flooded and are ready for the first games of shinny of the season. Whether it’s on your local basketball court, lake or pond, getting ready for outdoor hockey truly is something special for us here at Third Assist.

In addition to new gloves and heated socks (YES!), we’ve got a few new sweaters from the past couple of seasons. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of our favorites and how you can get your mitts on one that represents your state before they’re gone.

Maine State Hockey Sweater

This sweater is nothing new, it’s the flagship. This is what we call our founding sweater from the Pine Tree State.  Like all of our sweaters, this sweater is made from heavy-duty sweater material to keep you warm while you play.

Adorned on the front of the sweater is the original pine tree insignia used between 1901 and 1909 and was the first flag used to represent the state of Maine outside of its militia.

New Hampshire State Hockey Sweater

While the Old Man on the Mountain is no longer on that historic mountain face, the legacy lives on with this iconic sweater. Using the state’s colors, this sweater proudly represents the emblem of the Old Man on the Mountain and is backed up by the unmistakable state slogan “live free or die” across the back shoulders.

This thick fleece is a must have for anyone from the Granite State.

1777 Vermont State Hockey Sweater

This is so much more than a hockey sweater, it’s a damn history lesson. We kicked it way back when designing this one - all the way to the 1700s. We chose the historic Flag of the Green Mountain Boys, also known as Stark Flag, which was designed as a regimental or battle flag. We placed those same stars found on that flag across the outline of the state and carried the green color throughout the entire sweater.

We brought this design full circle by adding the 14-branch pine tree as is currently found on the state’s seal and flag.  

And just in case you wanted to get one more tidbit of US history in there, the fourteen branches represent the 13 colonies and Vermont’s entry as the 14th state in the Union.

You’re welcome.

Minnesota State Hockey Sweater

In what is arguably the home of hockey here in America, we went all-in on the state’s French motto. Translated to “The Star of the North”, this is the only state motto in the country that is officially used in another language other than English. 

Being that it is the northernmost state in the lower 48, the motto is incredibly fitting. So much so that the state’s original NHL team chose the English translation for the team’s name. This sweater features the four-color palette used on the state's flag representing the water, forests, snow and star.

If you’re from this part of the country, you likely grew up with a twig in your hands. Take it to another level and follow your North Star to this beautiful hockey sweater.

Ontario Provincial Hockey Sweater

Not quite a state, we’ll give it to our beloved neighbors to the North. Bordering hockey states such as New York, Vermont, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, this province just belongs here.

With the majority of our Canadian customers residing in this province, we’re fairly certain that hockey is very well represented here.  We wanted to pay respect to that with our own Ontario hockey sweater proudly displaying the province's shield of arms all while paying respect to their British ancestry on the shoulders.

Canada Hockey Sweater

Wait - the whole country gets a sweater?  Dang right it does.

We couldn’t let the home of hockey be under-represented, plus, it’s not like we didn’t get a lot of requests for this one. Our Canadian friends and family were literally knocking down our door for this sweater.

Featuring 1867 reflecting the country’s independence, this sweater goes with the simple black, red and white that is still used in Olympic and World Cup play today. It’s a classic hockey sweater and always will be.  Be sure to grab yours today, this limited edition won’t last forever!

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  • Hi Joe – yes we do. We can make customs sweaters as long as we have 10+ units. We can do traditional jerseys or pond hockey jerseys (hooded w/light fleece lining) as long as we have 6+ units. Feel free to reach out at if you want to explore further!

    Third Assist on
  • Do you make sweaters with custom logos?

    Joe Walker on

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