Heated Hockey Socks

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For years its been our mission to share hockey in its natural state. In that time, we've found nothing impedes a winter game quicker than frozen toes and frozen fingers. So if our gear lets someone enjoy hockey outdoors just a little bit longer, then we have succeeded in our pursuit. In 2022, we tackled the challenge of frozen toes. We constructed a heated sock designed specifically for a hockey skate boot. The specs:

  • Comfortable, elastic heated socks
  • Fits adult shoe sizes (M 6-12) (F 7.5-13.5)
  • Sleek design made for skate boot
  • Warmth for hours in freezing temperatures 
  • Three heating modes (High, Medium, Low)
  • Slim, rechargeable, waterproof USB charging packs
  • Charging packs placed above rear tendon guard, behind calf padding
  • Rechargeable socks of similar mAH (charge power) for snowboard industry retail $100+
  • Have questions about the heat settings? Check out our FAQs.