Tournament Spotlight: American Pond Hockey Invitational (Wisconsin)

Tournament Spotlight: American Pond Hockey Invitational (Wisconsin)

Name of the Tournament: American Pond Hockey Invitational

Location of the Tournament: Minocqua, Wisconsin

What time of the year? First Friday & Saturday of February (Feb 3-4, 2023)

What ages are welcomed to play? 18+ 

American Pond Hockey

What's the size of the tournament? Year one will have between 130 and 300 players. Four available divisions, each capped at 16. Currently have one full open division, likely to add one more group for 2023

How long has it been running? This is year one!

American Pond Hockey Wisconsin

Any special entertainment? Tons. Live music, raffles, contest and games. VIP sauna and cold plunge for players. Curling stones, cornhole, tailgate games. Family activity center for spectators, spouses and kids. Craft beer festival happening in conjunction with the event.

What are accommodations like nearby (hotels, Airbnb, etc.)? Hotels and Airbnbs are lakefront, some with a view of the tournament.

American Pond Hockey

What makes this one unique? What sets it apart?

The historical waterski show venue with bleachers, lights and a PA. Military grade tents with wood burning stoves, saunas, live music, authentic Northwoods atmosphere, snowmobiles and other ice vehicles. Bars and restaurants that bookend the site with a front row view. Spectator friendly for friends and families, kid activities. Curling stones. Craft beer festival and a local brewery selling custom batch of American Pond Hockey Pils.
American Pond Hockey Pils

Third Assist's Take: It is refreshing to see new tournaments come on the scene. Two things stand out to us about this tournament: 1) the organization and 2) the setting. If you've been to a couple pond hockey tournaments you know how much has to go on behind the scenes to set one of these up. This tournament is in year one and it's already made a splash in the pond hockey tournament scene; we found the crew just a couple weeks back and they already have the makings of a tournament that's been going for a decade strong. The second can't-miss unique feature is the setting: repurposing a waterski venue for pond hockey is genius, and we know those traveling with (family, friends) will appreciate the thought put in here. We're adding this one to our list.

Find out more on the weekend on their website!

Have you ever played in the tournament? Let us know your favorite aspects in the comments below. 

Update from 2023. Check out these photos below from last year's tournament. Positive reviews and coming back for 2024!

Sky over American Pond Hockey

American Pond Hockey Sign

Before Players Hit the Ice at American Pond Hockey

Whole Family Fun at American Pond Hockey

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