Tournament Spotlight: Arctic Pond Hockey Games

Tournament Spotlight: Arctic Pond Hockey Games

Name of the Tournament: Arctic Pond Hockey Games

Location of the Tournament: Luleå, Sweden

What time of the year? First Weekend of March (March 4-5, 2023)

What ages are welcomed to play? 18+ 

Arctic Pond Hockey Games

What's the size of the tournament? 16 teams, divided in four groups on Saturday and then playoffs on Sunday

How long has it been running? This will be the first official/commercial year. We did a pilot test last year with only four teams in a location outside of Luleå.

Arctic Pond Hockey Games

Any special entertainment? We'll have a DJ playing all weekend, live commentating, Foodcourt with burgers, sandwiches, snacks, coffee and different soft drinks. Also some large vendors in the pipeline..

What are accommodations like nearby (hotels, Airbnb, etc.)? 

It in the city centre so it's very close to basically everything. We'll also present partnership with local hotels soon, more info will be available on the website and social media when it's public.

Arctic Pond Hockey Games

What makes this one unique? What sets it apart?

It's the northernmost outdoor tournament in Sweden and the first one in Luleå (that we know of at least). Luleå and the county of Norrbotten which Luleå is located in is a very hockey crazy region of Sweden, so I think it will be a special event. There will also be some old icons from our local team Luleå Hockey (highest league in Sweden) attending. Some with national team (Olympic and world cup games) and NHL experience so it will be cool, which I don't think is that common in other outdoor tournament. Might not be a "unique" fact or thing but it's fun that they also find this concept interesting.
Arctic Pond Hockey Games

Third Assist's Take: This one hits a couple of our favorite tournament checkboxes. First it's an awesome time to jump in to a tournament like this in a hockey-rich region while it still has the local feel, but it feels destined to become a staple in the area. Second, as big fans of pond hockey we're always looking for an excuse to go international with our hockey pursuits. And finally this is one of the most unique locations we have ever encountered- Lulea is way north on the Gulf of Bothnia (separating Finland and Sweden)- so needless to say we're going to be hard-pressed to ever find a tournament at a higher latitude. With so many cool aspects going for it, we're going to have to add the Arctic Pond Hockey Games to our European pond hockey roadtrip.

You can find out more about the weekend on their website or on their Instagram and Facebook!

Have you ever played in the tournament? Let us know your favorite aspects in the comments below. 

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