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Image from Maine Pond Hockey Classic.

Tournament Spotlight: Maine Pond Hockey Classic

As part of Third Assist's "Ultimate Pond Hockey Resource" we've reached out to the best pond hockey tournaments takin... more

Image of crowd of people at Binghamton Pond Festival.

Tournament Spotlight: Binghamton Pond Festival

An event for the entire family, the Binghamton Pond Festival hosts a killer hockey tournament! more

Blog banner of ice rinks in winter landscape.

Tournament Spotlight: Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic

If you love a classic game of pond hockey, you won't want to miss the Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic! more

Blog banner image of winter landscape.

Tournament Spotlight: Frostbite Faceoff

We're looking forward to Frostbite Faceoff and you should be too! more

Collage of Third Assist's 2018 products.

2017-2018 Year in Review

A review of how we did this year and where we are going next. more

Image of Third Assist's Original Pond Hockey Gloves.

Third Assist: Origins, Failure, and Lessons Learned

Our signature Refhlex Gloves are popular for meeting three criteria: they look good, work good, and feel good. Howeve... more