Heated Hockey Socks - The Cure for Cold Feet


When we talk about cold feet, we’re not talking about the kind experienced a few days before heading to the altar.  We’re talking seriously cold feet. The kind with numb and borderline frost-bitten toes that can take hours to thaw out even when strategically placed in front of an open fire.

While we can attest to the comfort that roasting cold feet over an open flame can bring, frozen toes and feet can quickly turn into a problem. With more severe conditions, frostbite can quickly become a reality for outdoor rink players, and if not taken seriously, can actually put you and your feet in a really bad position.

With prolonged exposure to cold weather, our feet are one of the first body parts to get uncomfortable. As the blood vessels in our legs begin to constrict to conserve heat for the rest of the body, the feet are, in a sense, left to fend for themselves.

This can lead to issues such as frostnip and frostbite. The latter being the more serious of the two ailments, during frostbite symptoms vary from numbness all the way up to blistering and even gangrene, which in extreme cases, can result in amputation.

In an effort to both keep all of our body parts intact and extend outdoor play, we began the process of developing a unique sock specifically designed for outdoor rink play. Working with our manufacturing partners, we successfully designed a heated hockey sock that would fit perfectly into a hockey skate while providing hours of comfort and warmth to players on outdoor rinks.

With the goal of preserving the natural essence of hockey, the development of a product like this was just another extension of what we do. If we could find a way to sneak another hour out of an ODR session, we’d be darned if we weren’t going to find out how.

With our sweaters and gloves doing their part, we spent the early part of 2022 developing these heated socks, ensuring the functionality and fit was just right for outdoor hockey players. The result is a product we truly stand behind and believe you will too.

These comfortable, elastic socks fit adult shoe sizes between 6 and 13.5 and offer users three unique heating modes for a variety of weather conditions. The waterproof USB charging packs are slim and are placed above the rear tendon guarde behind calf padding for comfortable operation.  Similar products used in the skiing and snowboarding industry retail for well over $100 and our specialized product is offered for only a fraction of that cost.

We invite you to try a pair out today and experience the difference that warm feet can bring to your next ODR game.

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