Tournament Spotlight: Syracuse Pond Hockey Classic

Syracuse Pond Hockey Classic overhead view

Name of the Tournament: Syracuse Pond Hockey Classic

Location of the Tournament: Syracuse, New York

What time of the year? January 28, 2023

What ages are welcomed to play? Adult tournament, 18+

What's the size of the tournament? 16 Teams with 6 players each (96 players)

How long has it been running? 2023 will be their 3rd year

Any special entertainment? Syracuse Crunch bringing players and mascot, DJ, Chuck a Puck for cash prize, Free Open Skate to the public

Any special vendors? Hot Food and drink, Alcohol provided by TJ Sheehan Distributor and 1911 Products

What are accommodations like nearby (hotels, Airbnb, etc.)? Most teams are local and do not require these accommodations, however, we are in the heart of Syracuse where there are plenty of options

What makes this one unique? What sets it apart? The event takes place in one of the city's most picturesque parks in the heart of the city. Additionally, we have tremendous support from the Tampa Bay Lightning AHL affiliate Syracuse Crunch. Their involvement continues to grow along with our tournament.

Third Assist's Take: There's always something to be said for the local tournament. It's not as though outsiders are not invited- they're welcomed- but playing in the heart of your hometown in a local neighborhood has its own feel that clearly cannot be replicated. With connections to the local community through its players, vendors, and local pro team the Syracuse Pond Hockey Classic is quickly becoming the tournament to play at in Central NY. 

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  • What a great, fun, and meaningful tournament this is. Thanks for the spotlight!

    Matt Warshal on

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