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Image of Third Assist's Era Gloves.

The French Connection, the Bobbys (Orr and Hull), Esposito (Tony), Gordie and the Original Six. 

In an era that was marked by such growth, the sport of hockey enjoyed tremendous success. As games became nationally televised, the speed and thrills of the game were now being delivered to living rooms across North America.

As the professional games gained more traction, the sport also grew as a popular pastime. As new leagues started up, so too did outdoor play. What was once enjoyed by a select few was becoming commonplace. Outdoor rinks were created, and frozen lakes, ponds and rivers became the new playing grounds for the next generation of hockey players. Dreaming of one day growing up to pot goals just like their heroes did, the imaginations of this era’s youth ran rampant. 

This era was a time when goalies were without face masks, players had no helmets and the rest of the equipment was light, to say the least. Working with finesse, young players idolized the likes of the league’s first 50-goal scorer Bobby Hull, guarded the net like Jacques Plante and reenacted taking flight like a young Bobby Orr solidifying his first Stanley Cup victory.

It was this era that sparked the design of our Era Gloves. Inspired by the middle decades of the 20th century, this period marked some of history’s greatest stories surrounding the game of hockey. Stories that are still told to this day.

As with everything we design and manufacture here at Third Assist, we do it to connect to the roots of hockey. Unbeknownst to most, there was a period in hockey when players were able to wear any glove they wanted, but had to meet one criteria — they had to be brown in color. Without the customization and team-inspired color codes we see in today’s league, every pair of gloves had to be constructed with brown leather during this time period.

Our Era Gloves are a nod to this unique occurrence in hockey history. We combined a classic brown leather construction with black tie lace-ups for this throw-back design. However, a slightly modern touch becomes immediately apparent as you slide on these gloves. While maintaining a nostalgic look and feel, their features are far more advanced than those available in the 1960s.

A unique feature of this product includes their one-piece finger construction. Designed for indoor use, these gloves also feature an extended cuff for those moments deep in the corners.

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