Rangeley Pond Hockey Festival

Rangeley Pond Hockey Festival

Name of the Tournament: Rangeley Pond Hockey Festival

Location of the Tournament: Rangeley, Maine

What time of the year? First weekend in February (the 3-5th)

Rangeley Maine Pond Hockey Festival

What ages are welcomed to play? 18+, men and women's divisions, looking to add co-ed

What's the size of the tournament? Approximately 30 teams last year but sadly had to cancel due to ice conditions

How long has it been running? Since 2010 they've been operating. 

What are accommodations like nearby (hotels, Airbnb, etc.)? Hotels, restaurants, and Airbnbs can all be found nearby and uphill in the town of Rangeley, Maine. More details below in "Third Assist's Take". 

Rangeley Maine Pond Hockey Festival

What makes this one unique? What sets it apart? We’re located in picturesque Rangeley Maine. The people who live here love this tournament and look forward to it every year! We have a captains meeting with apps and drinks the night before where all teams can mingle and another get together Saturday evening.

Want more info? Rangeley Pond Hockey Facebook

Photo of Saddleback, Rangeley by Paul VanDerWerf (Flickr Creative Commons)

(Photo by Paul VanDerWerf, Flickr Creative Commons)

Third Assist's Take: Third Assist has roots in the Pine Tree state. Our roots are in coastal Maine, but as you move interior closer to the New Hampshire border there are a couple smaller winter hotspots and Rangeley is one of them. Rangeley is home to a beautiful downtown overlooking Rangeley Lake in Maine's Appalachian Mountains. You can easily spend a whole weekend here between the town and the winter outdoor recreation like pond hockey, snowmobiles, and the nearby ski resorts- including the recently reopened Saddleback Mountain. This one is high on our New England pond hockey bucket list.

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