How We Create Custom Hockey Sticks in Bulk

How We Create Custom Hockey Sticks in Bulk

Bulk hockey sticks unfinished

What is a bulk hockey stick order?

A bulk hockey stick order from Third Assist is any order of 5 or more sticks. Typically these orders range from 5-500 and are for companies, organizations, hockey teams, weddings, etc. By creating custom sticks in bulk we are able to pass on discounts to the customers. 

How does the process start?

The process typically starts when a customer places an inquiry on our Bulk Order page. From there we determine the number of sticks and the type of customizations we're aiming for. We're able to do custom engraving at lower quantities (5+) and custom screen printing at higher quantities. We work with customers to create mockups and potentially samples of final stick renderings. 

Bulk Hockey Team Stick Order

How are the sticks manufactured?

Raw hockey sticks are sourced from one of the only remaining wood stickmakers in North America. From there we finish them in house with the customer selecting the finish and design, or we collaborate with our screen printing partners to customize the hockey sticks. Each handfinished engraved hockey stick takes about 1 week to produce, but we can produce multiple batches at one time.

Custom Screen Printed Hockey Sticks

How long does it take? 

Depends on the quantity. The whole process can take a week or two for a smaller order such as a wedding or team, or can take 2-3 months if for a larger company or organization. 

How are the sticks shipped out?

There are a number of additional customizations available depending on shipping. We can ship individually to recipients or in bulk to one location by freight. Additionally there are options such as stick bags, tape, cards, etc. we can supply to provide an additional touch for these gifts. 

Are we missing anything? 

Reach out on our bulk order page if you have any other questions or want to learn more about the bulk stick process.

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