Tournament Spotlight: Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament

Scenic view of the rinks at the Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament.

As part of Third Assist's "Ultimate Pond Hockey Resource" we've reached out to the best pond hockey tournaments taking place this winter in the United States. We want to know where they're at, what makes them unique, and why we should visit this upcoming winter. Safe to say we're sold on the following tournaments.

Location of Tournament:
Silverthorne, Colorado

Time of Year: 
February 14-16, 2020
Image of the outdoor ice rinks at the Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament.
Ages Welcomed to Play:
16+ with parental consent

Size of the Tournament: 
200 teams, 6 divisions, 1,200 players, 15,000 people total at event

Special Entertainment:
Apres Ice Party Hockey Hair Project (Saturday night February 15)
Image of participants at the Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament.
What Sets This Tournament Apart:
The combination of Colorado scenic views (Rocky Mountains), entertainment, but most importantly the people who return year after year for this tournament. The fan loyalty is unbelievable and we are so grateful to everyone who has participated in this tournament year after year.

Third Assist's Take: 
This tournament is situated over President’s day weekend in the heart of the Colorado winter. Perfect timing yes, but also appears to be the perfect location for a getaway tournament or even easier, a fun drive from the Denver metro area. It’s situated in the heart of Colorado’s ski country with Rocky Mountain views and plenty of snow. On our side we think the location is the selling point, but it doesn’t lack in production either. A couple years running and over 200 teams means this may be one of the top tournaments you'll find out west. 
Players on the ice at the Pabst Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament.
Where to Learn More About This Tournament
Pabst Pond Hockey Facebook
Pabst Pond Hockey Instagram

*All photos used by permission from tournament.
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