Tournament Spotlight: Avalanche Xpress Mite Outdoor Classic

Ice rink at the Avalanche Xpress Mite Outdoor Classic.

As part of Third Assist's "Ultimate Pond Hockey Resource" we've reached out to the best pond hockey tournaments taking place this winter in the United States. We want to know where they're at, what makes them unique, and why we should visit this upcoming winter. Safe to say we're sold on the following tournaments.

Location of Tournament:
York, Pennsylvania

Time of Year: 
December through March​

Ages Welcomed to Play:
U8 Mite Level

Size of the Tournament: 
10 Tournaments total with two 4-6 team divisions

Special Entertainment:
Full service resort; snow tubing, trampoline park, bar, restaurant, and spa

Children playing hockey at the Avalanche Xpress Mite Outdoor Classic.

What Sets This Tournament Apart:
 We put the fun back in youth hockey. Families can walk from their hotel room to our 60'x120' outdoor rink. Add in snow tubing and the fun doesn't stop. 

Third Assist's Take: 
This is one of those tournaments aimed at the whole family. Situated at Heritage Hills Resort, there's enough entertainment to keep the parents and kids entertained. With tournaments spanning the whole winter, this location is the perfect opportunity for the younger guys/gals to get exposure to the pond hockey world. A nice starter tournament in a very accessible location!

Team lined up at the Avalanche Xpress Mite Outdoor Classic.

Where to Learn More About This Tournament

*All photos used by permission from tournament.

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