2023-2024 Hockey Glove Cheatsheet

2023-2024 Hockey Glove Cheatsheet

Quick Guide to 2023-2024 Third Assist Glove Models

Not sure which glove model to go for? We're keeping this guide short and sweet. Quick stats and a one-liner on each glove model to help you decide which one will best fit your needs.

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Pictured above: Reflhex (top left), Legends (top right, bottom left), Pioneers (bottom right)

Pioneers: Pioneers were the original gloves we started with back in 2014. These are old-school leather construction. These are still a favorite due to the aesthetics. Given the retro leather construction they do visually appear a little larger than a modern glove. Additionally the leather construction makes them a little stiffer than a normal glove, but like most leather gloves they wear in nicely with use.

Legends: Legends are similar construction to the Pioneers above except they are an indoor model. Legends were introduced in 2020 as replicas of favorite 1980 designs. The high-cuff and lace tie up are what set these apart from leather gloves of later decades. 

Reflhex: This was our first modern construction outdoor glove. We were excited to source an innovative lining material known as Reflhex which reflects the users hand heat back into the glove. Think of a breathable shiny emergency blanket optimized for a glove. These are the sleekest glove in our lineup. 

Roosevelt: Added in 2022, we wanted to design a nimble padded glove to resemble a leather work glove. Designed after hockey gloves of the mid-century, we go into way more detail on this glove in this blog here

Classique: Our favorite outdoor glove. These gloves are modern construction, lined with a shearling blend, and incorporate the same neoprene gaiter from the Reflhex model. They are the warmest and most functional outdoor glove to date. 

Classique Jr: We wanted to create an entry-level model for the younger generation. Knowing that kids move through sizes every couple years we wanted to be able to create a pair under $100. These are entry level model compared to the pro-stock level of the senior Classiques. 

Frontier: One of our most popular gloves of 2023. These are indoor hockey gloves which are wrapped in the same genuine leather found in our Roosevelt gloves. We were excited to be able to create a hockey glove for rinks with such a unique look.

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