Bunyan Junior and Intermediate Ash Premium Wood Hockey Stick (2 Pack)

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For the first time we are supplying youth and intermediate training sticks using premium ash. These are a truncated version of our new and popular Bunyan Sticks. We are also offering straight blades for the first time ever as a new design to develop handling.

Why are they training sticks? You can absolutely use these in real games, but there are three elements that make these sticks unique for training based on parent requests: 1) We chose a flexible ash in order to let kids feel the stick and develop more power 2) We chose to truncate adult designs so these have a larger blade than traditional sticks 3) We are offering straight blades in addition to LH and RH for younger players to learn stick control

Why the Bunyan? Most of our names honor hockey's history in some manner, but we had some fun naming this model after the iconic giant lumberjack. We have to imagine Paul Bunyan would be employing an extra tall piece of ash lumber if he were to lace them up today.


  • All-ash hockey stick
  • P88 curve, left and right available. Or Straight option avaiable too.
  • Sizing cut at 59" in total height (55" heel to top). Note: Can cut smaller at customer request.

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