Tournament Spotlight: Thompson's Point Hockey Classic

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As part of Third Assist's "Ultimate Pond Hockey Resource" we've reached out to the best pond hockey tournaments taking place this winter in the United States. We want to know where they're at, what makes them unique, and why we should visit this upcoming winter. Safe to say we're sold on the following tournaments.

Thompson's Point Hockey Classic

Location of Tournament:
Thompson's Point, Portland, Maine

Time of Year: 
Usually first or second weekend of March

Landscape of Thompson's Point Hockey Classic.

Ages Welcomed to Play:
Adults 18+

Size of the Tournament: 
We have 5 divisions (Elite, Open Plus, Open Low, Beginner and Over 40 with our max being 28 teams

Special Entertainment:
Live music on site provided by Brian Papson (Country artist)

Players participating at Thompson's Point Hockey Classic.

Any Special Vendors?
Event consist of Portland area restaurants donating food throughout the event for the players. Maine Mariners on site last year.

What Sets This Tournament Apart:
This event is unique do to its location, out on Thompson's Point in Portland. Also, the TPHC sets itself apart with its hybrid type outdoor hockey. We have boards and a Zamboni on site, this creates a faster game play and smoother ice. The multiple divisions allow it to stay competitive and the participants leave with a great gift bag, we have 20 plus free raffle items, free dinner and lunches. 

Third Assist's Take: 
They said it best for what makes this one unique. It's a hybrid. Small rink with boards, good ice, quick game. It's a cleaner and faster game which is always fun. The rink alone is a cool venue, but its location is what sets it apart. Portland, Maine is a happening cultural hub in the northeast and Thompson's Point has all the best aspects of Portland in one location: Good food, beer, music, and best of all hockey. Definitely worth the visit.

Giant slide at Thompson's Point Hockey Classic.

Where to Learn More About This Tournament

*All photos used by permission from tournament.

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