Tournament Spotlight: Taylor Cup Pond Hockey Championship

Tournament Spotlight: Taylor Cup Pond Hockey Championship

Name of the Tournament: Taylor Cup Pond Hockey Championship

Location of the Tournament: Bayview Wildwood Resort, Severn Bridge, Ontario

What time of the year? Feb 25th weekend, 2023

What ages are welcomed to play? Adult tournament, 18+

Taylor Cup Teams

What's the size of the tournament? 300 players - male, female, co-ed and rec or competitive

Any special entertainment? Live entertainment both nights.

Muskoka Brewing at The Taylor Cup


Any special vendors? many! MLSE, Muskoka Brewery, Scotiabank, etc.

What makes this one unique? What set's it apart?   Fundraiser for cancer research! All proceeds go back to The Princess Margaret!

Third Assist's Take: It's tough not to lean in and root for a community tournament supporting cancer research at The Princess Margaret Cancer center. That reason enough for most of us to reserve a spot, but tack on the live music and nearby accommodations at the Bayview Wildwood Resort and you cover the bases. Check out this tournament today at: The Taylor Cup 

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