Tournament Spotlight: Binghamton Pond Festival

Image of crowd of people at Binghamton Pond Festival.
As part of Third Assist's "Ultimate Pond Hockey Resource" we've reached out to the best pond hockey tournaments taking place this winter in the United States. We want to know where they're at, what makes them unique, and why we should visit this upcoming winter. Safe to say we're sold on the following tournaments.

Bing Pond Fest

Update for 2023:

Location of Tournament:
Chenango Valley State Park (New York)

Time of Year: 
Multiple tournaments over multiple weekends-
January 12-13 is the Youth House Tournament
January 18-20 is the College Level Tournament
January 25-27 is the Adult Tournament
February 8-10 is the 10 and under Tournament

Image of players on the rink at the Binghamton Pond Festival.

Size of the Tournament: 
Each Tournament (weekend) features 250-300 active players

Special Entertainment:
Varies by weekend and audience but in year's past there's been fireworks, animal interactions, local live music, sledding and more. Various vendors attend as well.

Image of the S'mores Pavilion at the Binghamton Pond Festival.

What Sets This Tournament Apart:
This is the only tournament with mechanical refrigeration in a state park setting. That means nearly-guaranteed ice in a beautiful part of the state. Also, proceeds from the tournament go to local DIFD programs for youth suicide prevention and youth mental health awareness. 

Third Assist's Take: 
Stable, eye-catching setting with multiple weekends to take part. It's one of a kind for the U.S.

Image of a man preparing the ice rink at the Binghamton Pond Festival.

Where to Learn More About This Tournament

*All photos used by permission from tournament.

 Have you ever played in the tournament? Let us know your favorite aspects in the comments below. 

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