Idaho Pond Hockey Classic

Idaho Pond Hockey Classic

Name of the Tournament: Idaho Pond Hockey Classic

Location of the Tournament: Christina Potters Outdoor Ice Rink: Ketchum, Idaho

What time of the year? MLK weekend: Jan 14-15 2023

What ages are welcomed to play? 21+

Idaho Pond Hockey Classic

What's the size of the tournament? 2 days: 24 teams per day, 8 players per team

How long has it been running? 2023 will be their 15th year

Any special entertainment? Nothing flashy, just old time hockey in a beautiful setting.

What are accommodations like nearby (hotels, Airbnb, etc.)? This is Sun Valley so there's plenty of hotels to be found, Airbnbs, and snow camping. That's the first time we've seen that lodging option!

Idaho Pond Hockey Classic

What makes this one unique? What sets it apart? This tournament isn't on a pond, but on a soccer field. Three rinks in total. This is the largest man(woman)-made non refrigerated ice sheet in the Northwest they believe!

Third Assist's Take: As we've been developing these spotlights we've found it's hard not to put every tournament on your pond hockey bucket list. However in the lower 48 it's tough to find one with a more breathtaking backdrop than Ketchum (Sun Valley), Idaho. A pond hockey tournament in this location could be the centerpiece to a larger winter recreation excursion with the ability to last weeks. With the Idaho Pond Hockey Classic we're glad to shine some light on one of the best pond hockey tournaments in the west. Find out more on their town website:

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