Pioneer: Ursus Outdoor Hockey Gloves

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These gloves are some of the coolest leather and shearling blend combos we have been able to find to date! We keep them looking traditional on the outside while featuring all of the modern comforts available on the inside. These gloves are fully insulated, excluding the fronts of each pair, to trap the heat of the user's hands. However, the absence of insulation on the front of each glove allows the user to retain full control and feel of the stick. Made to keep up with the winter and encourage play in all temps, the Ursus Glove is inspired by the bear in us all.

These gloves are unique with wool shearling blend and old-school leather. Given this, they are constructed individually off the assembly line. This gives us the trade-off of higher inbound costs, but we produce smaller high-quality and unique batches. That said, if you don't see your size let us know and we'll alert you when we have more in stock!

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