'The Last Generation' Wood Hockey Sticks

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These hockey sticks are handcrafted by the sole remaining stick-maker in North America, and are handfinished by artists in coastal Maine!

Proudly made in Canada and the United States, no two sticks look alike — just like those from our grandfathers' time. These are truly 'The Last Generation' of wood hockey sticks!


  • Ash core, birch veneer
  • P88 curve, left and right available
  • Senior sizing at 64" in height
  • Each stick has custom finish (please allow 5 days production time for your purchase)
  • Further customization and specialization available upon request — please contact us for more info

**Free shipping within the United States, and an estimated $30 more for international orders. For non-US customers, please contact us to set up a custom order! Have other questions? Check our FAQs Page.

Please note: Unfortunately, all RH sticks are now out of stock, but we have our own Third Assist line of premium wood sticks available for the 2023-2024 season in both right and left curves.